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Asset CleanUp Pro Nulled There are often times when you are using a theme and a number of plugins which are enabled and run on the same page.Asset CleanUp Pro Plugin However, you don’t need to use all of them and to improve the speed of your website and make the HTML source code cleaner, it’s better to prevent those styles and scripts from loading.

There are a plethora of techniques that are often used to defer parsing; however, the simple and preferred technique is to simply Defer loading of JavaScript until it is needed. If this technique isn’t appropriate to use on your page, it is next suggested that you use the <script async> attribute where appropriate, which prevents parsing from blocking the initial page load by deferring it until the browser’s UI thread is not busy doing something else. All these settings can be applied with Asset CleanUp Pro without writing any code.

Changelog - 6 September 2020
* Improvement: Save resources and do not check anything for optimization when the feed URL (e.g. /feed/) is loaded (the plugin should be inactive for these kinds of requests)
* Improvement: Do not trigger the plugin when WooCommerce makes AJAX calls (no point in using extra resources from Asset CleanUp)
* Improvement: When Google Fonts are marked for removal, nullify other related settings, leading to the usage of fewer resources
* The strings "/cart/" and "/checkout/" are added to the exclusion list where Asset CleanUp Pro is not triggered if the pattern is matched (read more:; These kinds of pages usually do not need optimization and if the admin decides to do some, he/she can remove the exclusion
* Fix (writing files to cache directory): If the handle name contained forward-slash (/), make sure that the final file name gets sanitized (including slash removal) to avoid errors related to file_put_contents() such as trying to write to directories that are non-existent
* Fix (unnecessary cached files): The plugin was caching CSS/JS files that did not need to be cached (e.g. already minified JS), leading to unnecessary extra disk space
* The Pro version won't deactivate the Lite one automatically (if it's enabled) as it can be kept active for full compatibility with plugins such as "WP Cloudflare Super Page Cache"
* "WP-Optimize" minify is not triggering anymore when /?wpacu_clean_load is used for debugging purposes
* Do not strip inline CSS/JS associated with the handle if the original file is empty as there's a high chance the inline code is needed

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